Double your Krisflyer Miles when you convert your Grab Points !!!

For the entire period of June, you will get to convert your Grab Points to Krisflyer Miles for half of the original rates. For platinum members, you would require 700 Grab Points instead of the usual 1400 points for 160 Krisflyer miles. For Gold and other status members, you will get to enjoy 160 miles for 750 Grab Points instead of the usual 1500.

This would be an excellent chance for you to get rid of some Grab Points given that some of the Grab Points expire in June. If you had followed my previous post on purchasing Grab points. You would have hit a jackpot. Essentially you have gotten 2240 Miles if you are a platinum member like me or 2080 miles for other members for just 10 dollars. Wow! What a great deal!

Remember the promotion lasts till the end of June and it takes about 1 working day for the conversion. If you are looking at the full 2000 miles, you will need to convert about 13 to 14 times. Grab only allows one time per conversion, so you will need some effort to get the best out of this promotion.

Singapore Airlines launches pre-order service for premium customers

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched a new service enabling customers travelling in Suites, First Class and Business Class from anywhere in the Airline’s global network to pre-order main courses from their flight’s menus. Becoming the world’s first airline to roll out this bespoke service on all flights across its network with the possibility of extending it to premium economy passengers in the future.


Lamb loin, a dish available for pre-order through SIA’s new meal pre-ordering service. (Photo: SIA)


The rollout comes after a soft launch in August for flights to and from North Asia, which SIA said was “well received”.

Customers travelling in Suites, First Class and Business Class on any SIA flight can choose their meals from three weeks before travel, up to 24 hours before flight departure. The new service complements the existing Book the Cook programme, which enables customers in Suites, First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy Class on selected flights to pre-order main courses from a separate menu of up to 68 choices.


Shi Quan Wan Mei, a dish available for pre-order through SIA’s new meal pre-ordering service. (Photo: SIA)


Mr Yeoh Phee Teik, Singapore Airlines’ senior vice-president for customer experience said that “The introduction of this new service is another of our industry firsts, and demonstrates our commitment to the constant enhancement of our product and service offerings, and our increased focus on personalisation for customers, both on the ground and in the air.”

This has to be seen as an extension of the book the cook service which has been available to premium clients around their selected network. Hopefully, it means I can skip some of the Indonesian dishes served from the Jakarta route. Will review the service once it’s available and let you know my further thoughts about it.

Redeeming awards out of Hong Kong? Here’s some sweet spots to consider

If you’re based in Hong Kong, you may be wondering which frequent flyer programs offer the best value for your miles. The truth is, there is no the”best” program, only the best program for you

In this post I want to lay out some of the best value options for Hong Kong based travelers (and how to earn them)

British Airways Avios for flights within 1,151 miles

Avios is well-known for offering great value on short haul awards. In particular, it is possible to redeem an economy flight for destinations 650 miles and below for 4,500 miles one-way, and 1,151 miles and below for 7,500 miles one-way.

Here is a sample of destinations that are close to Hong Kong- you could easily hop to Taipei or Hanoi for only 4,500 miles, with Manila, Shanghai and Changsha just 7,500 miles away.

From To Initial
Total: 2,924 mi
Average: 585 mi
HKG TPE 066° (NE) 069° (E) 501 mi
HKG PVG 037° (NE) 040° (NE) 779 mi
HKG HAN 263° (W) 266° (W) 526 mi
HKG MNL 138° (SE) 141° (SE) 711 mi
HKG CSX 354° (N) 357° (N) 407 mi


Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to Micronesia and Guam

KrisFlyer classifies Hong Kong under the North Asia 1 zone, whereas Guam and Micronesia are part of North Asia 2. One-way tickets are 12,500 and 22,500 miles respectively for Economy and Business, which can be very good value considering the flight can be upwards of 5 hours.

If you’re looking to get to Micronesia from Hong Kong, United Airlines operates a flight from Guam that stops in TKK and PNI, however you’ll have a long connection in Guam which you can spend exploring the island.

As for PNI, well, I would say, enjoy your silence time there. On the than hand, TKK is a great place for wreck diving

United MileagePlus to Australia/New Zealand

Although the United program underwent a change late last year, there is still good value to be had flying from Hong Kong to Australia/New Zealand.

That’s because United classifies Hong Kong as part of “South Asia”, along with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

As the example below shows, a flight from Hong Kong to Auckland via Thai Airways would only cost 25K miles in economy and 50K miles in business. Considering the flight time is close to 14 hours, this is a very good deal. As a business class passenger, you will also be able to enjoy a 30-minute spa treatment in the Thai Airways spa in Bangkok.

Make sure to include your excursionist award for a free segment

Lufthansa Miles & More to Hawaii

One-way awards between Hong Kong and Hawaii cost 20k/35k miles for economy/business class. This flight is about 11.5 hours of flying with a transit in Japan or South Korea, so it represents very good value once again. If you go with the Japan option, you will be able to fly on ANA’s 767-300 and 787-9 aircraft. The 787-9 will have full flat seats.

Emirates Skywards to Bangkok

Emirates operates a fifth freedom route between Hong Kong and Bangkok that uses their A380 aircraft. If you’ve always wanted to experience the over-the-top bling of Emirates cabins, here is one of the cheapest ways of doing so.

You can get a full flat seat with an inflight bar- not bad for a 3 hour flight!

Emirates Skywards charges 40,000 miles for a round trip business class flight between these two cities.

ANA Mileage Club to Europe and USA and Canada

ANA Mileage Club offers very good value redemptions out of Hong Kong to Europe and North America at just 93,000 and 95,000 miles for round trip business class (58,000 and 60,000 miles for round trip economy).

Remember that ANA Mileage Club does not allow one-way redemptions for partner flights.

How to earn these miles?

You can earn some of these miles through your bank credit cards, but for the widest selection of frequent flyer programs, you should use Mileslife. Mileslife has 16 different frequent flyer partners, all of which have direct credit agreements. You can use Mileslife and earn miles at over 20,000 selections around the world, from high end dining and retail, to luxury hotels and spas, to activities and attraction tickets, even from your daily walking and health activities.

Download Mileslife here and start earning miles for your next vacation!

Mileslife launches in Hong Kong! Earn up to 0.25HK$= 1 mile(1USD-8miles) and win 1 million Avios

After several months of hard work by the Mileslife team, I’m very excited announce that Mileslife has officially launched in Hong Kong!

Mileslife has more than 100 dining merchants already in Hong Kong, including popular restaurants and cafes like The Coffee Academics, Modern China, Xia Mian Guan, Craft Brew & Co and BRICK LANE. You can even buy tickets to attractions like Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, or purchase essential items like HK Airport Express tickets and HK SIM cards.

In addition to dining and activities, Mileslife can also be used to pay for hotel and spa packages. Luxury brands like Aman Resorts and Belmond are also available on Mileslife (this is probably the only place to earn miles at Aman properties and Belmond Trains).


How many miles can you earn with Mileslife in HK?

Mileslife users earn miles at HKD1= 1 mile in addition to your usual credit card earning, although there’s a special launch promotion from now till 5 September that gives up to HKD0.25=1 mile.

Mileslife users in Hong Kong will be able to earn miles directly in 16 different frequent flyer programs. This includes

  • ANA Mileage Club
  • British Airways Executive Club
  • China Eastern Miles
  • China Southern Sky Pearl Club
  • Emirates Skywards
  • EVA Infinity MileageLands
  • Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club
  • Iberia Plus
  • LifeMiles
  • Miles & More
  • PhoenixMiles
  • Qatar Airways Privilege Club
  • Sichuan Airlines Golden Panda
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • United MileagePlus
  • Xiamen Airlines Egret Club.

During this special launch period, the top 10 customers who make the most transactions on Mileslife (min HKD 59 per transaction) will also have chance to win 1,000,000 Avios in total.

Hong Kong Launch Event

The Hong Kong launch event was held at Eaton Club and attended by our merchant partners and representatives from British Airways, Singapore Airlines, ANA, Hong Kong Airlines, and United Airlines, as well as various media outlets and bloggers.

These lucky audience members had a chance to win a luxurious two night stay at the Amanyangyun Shanghai as well as HKD 2,000 of Mileslife credits to spend!

There was also plenty of great food, all provided by Mileslife partner restaurants including Michelin Starred Snow Garden, Le Reve, NINETYs, 3 ITALIANI, Harbour Plaza 8 Degree, Tulsi Indian Restaurant, Good BBQ and Dodam Chicken.

Mileslife keeps growing every day. Watch out for Mileslife in a city near you soon!










AV的最大优点/缺点就是,这家公司完美的展示了南美人能忽悠的“传统美德”。为什么这样说呢?AV不知道通过了什么办法,能忽悠到比UA,US,AC等等其他众多星盟伙伴更多的新航位置,而且呢,还能够换SQ A380或者 77W的商务舱。本来以前还能够换头等舱的,但是几个月前就开始减少很多了。我尝试了下搜索,很容易能找到很多新航商务,但是头等却找不到。而且还有一点忽悠的地方在于,他们的lifemiles系统,线路能够出极据创造性的票,比如下图:





但AV的缺点也在于忽悠。首先是他们家客服电话极其难打,即使打通了也需要一点起码的西班牙语进行沟通。所以AV适合于出了票后就一般不动的人群,不然打电话实在是一种痛苦。Such a pain in the ass!

但综合来说AV出新航商务,在你能找到票的前提下还是挺不错的。首先是里程便宜,买一送一才1.5CPM。6.25W中美商务单程,比起贬值后的UA,简直好太多了。 而且网上直接出票也方便。


很简单,在lifemiles的搜索机票界面里,选择preferred carrier,将菜单拖拉至Singapore Airlines就行了。









JFK-SIN(经停FRA)商务 67000里程单程 + 362美元税费,头等105000里程单程 + 375美元税费。 而且必须是SQ25直飞。如果是前程JFK-FRA SQ25, 后程SQ325接等等,则会被多收里程,因为穿越FRA在行程单上体现了。

SFO-HKG,商务 67000里程单程  + 144美元税费,头等105000里程单程 + 144美元税费。  SQ1直飞。

SFO-SIN,商务 67000里程单程 + 334美元税费,头等105000里程单程 + 347美元税费。可以走SQ15 (SFO-ICN-SIN)或者是 SQ1(SFO-HKG-SIN)。

SIN-SYD, 商务 52000里程单程 + 241美元税费,头等85000里程单程 + 241美元税费。




选择三 :使用新航自己家的里程。





香港飞澳洲,网上兑换打折后6.375W 单程头等, 税费1861港币。











纽约JFK到法兰克福再到新加坡再飞往香港:10.41W头等单程。我心目中的经典航线。我目前已经换了一个在春季飞的单程,到时候希望能有好运,与大家分享那个神奇的空中Double Bed ;)税费:361美元



【令人心动的空中双人床 】

新加坡飞行纽约一路到新加坡,居然有4餐,我到时候是不肥不行了:))))在网上,可以选择Book the Cook 点餐。







希尔顿可谓是和航空公司合作最激烈的酒店集团。毕竟它是唯一真正有double dip功能的回馈。及是,每次入住可以同时获得酒店积分和航空里程。在上一期Q3的时候,希尔顿就和超过十几家航空公司合作促销,其中包括日航,国航,土航,泰航等等。


而今天所要概括的是2013年10/1至2013年12/31之间,凡是入住希尔顿旗下的酒店可以最高获得四倍新航(kris flyer)里程—2000点。你可以点击这里进入希尔顿官网注册

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 2.49.02 AM



不过四倍新航里程只限于亚洲各地区。大部分欧美酒店只能获得双倍里程,部分Asia & Pacific则可以获得三倍里程。以下为可以获得四倍里程的国家和城市

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 2.49.15 AM