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Double your Krisflyer Miles when you convert your Grab Points !!!

For the entire period of June, you will get to convert your Grab Points to Krisflyer Miles for half of the original rates. For platinum members, you would require 700 Grab Points instead of the usual 1400 points for 160 Krisflyer miles. For Gold and other status members, you will get to enjoy 160 miles for 750 Grab Points instead of the usual 1500.

This would be an excellent chance for you to get rid of some Grab Points given that some of the Grab Points expire in June. If you had followed my previous post on purchasing Grab points. You would have hit a jackpot. Essentially you have gotten 2240 Miles if you are a platinum member like me or 2080 miles for other members for just 10 dollars. Wow! What a great deal!

Remember the promotion lasts till the end of June and it takes about 1 working day for the conversion. If you are looking at the full 2000 miles, you will need to convert about 13 to 14 times. Grab only allows one time per conversion, so you will need some effort to get the best out of this promotion.

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