Garuda Indonesia INSANE business class deals are back!

Garuda Indonesia Insane business class deals are back. From now until 31 May 2019, travelers who book in groups of 4, 5, and 6 can enjoy their award-winning business class fares at a special price. This includes a suite of destinations on offer, including North Asia and Australia. The prices go for as low as SGD845 per traveler to destinations like Seoul. These fares allow you to accumulate miles as well! WHAT A DEAL!

I picked them up very late as I was in Shanghai and chose the option of not working with VPN. This rather lucrative promotion by Garuda Indonesia that’s been surprisingly under-the-radar has only been picked up by one fellow boarding area blogger

Garuda Indonesia is one of the best airlines I have travelled with, they have a wide selection of wines and champagne in the business class cabin.  They serve up authentic Indonesia cuisine together with western menu. They even offer fully flat bed on certain routes operating on their herringbone business seats layout 

It is interesting to note that this offer is only valid for EX Singapore to these routes and not applicable to EX Jakarta or Denpasar Bali.

With a deal this lucrative, I can’t help but look out for partners and friends to travel with. The more that travels with you, the lower the fares – so spread the word to your family and friends! Do leave a message or comment to me if you are interested, will be matching suitable travel dates between people. For anyone that is interested, please go to the google sheets have I created here

These deals are only until 31 May 2019, so you have to act quick

*This is just helping readers and travellers to pool together to enjoy business class at incredible rates, the blog does not earn any profit from it*

印度尼西鹰航空公的疯狂商务舱特价优惠,好像没被收到关注。从今天到5月31号,组队到日本,韩国,澳洲。组成6人团队,最低以845 新币到韩国度假。有兴趣的小伙伴可以通知我哦。再帮你们安排!!!

Qantas is now officially on Mileslife !!!

Mileslife officially welcomes its 17th airlines’ partner Qantas, the official airlines of Australia and also a Oneworld Alliance Network member. It would be the 4th Oneworld Alliance member (alongside British Airways, Iberia Airways, and Qatar Airways) to join Mileslife, allowing more Oneworld Alliance users to benefit from earning miles faster and living life better.

Following the partnership, Mileslife offers first-time app users with a Qantas membership to a sweet treat of 2,500 bonus Qantas points on the first eligible transaction of SGD 30. For every SGD 30 transaction after, Mileslife is awarding 150 points, capped at 7,500 points per user. This promotion is valid till 11 April 2019

                              FLY HERE to create a free Mileslife account today!

I have recently flown with Qantas on my way back from Brisbane, and it’s a very decent flight accompanied by great food. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the flight as well, given that I travelled aboard an A330 installed with the latest economy seats. I will definitely share more about this experience, so stay tuned!

Garuda Indonesia INSANE business class deals !

I’ve recently picked up a rather lucrative promotion by Garuda Indonesia that’s been surprisingly under-the-radar. 
From now until 31 March 2019, travellers who book in groups of 4, 5, and 6 can enjoy their award-winning business class fares at a special price. This includes a suite of destinations on offer, including North Asia and Australia. The prices go for as low as SGD845 per traveller to destinations like Seoul. These fares allow you to accumulate miles as well!
With a deal this lucrative, I can’t help but look out for partners and friends to travel with. The more that travels with you, the lower the fares – so spread the word to your family and friends! Do leave a message or comment to me if you are interested, will be matching suitable travel dates between people! 
印度尼西鹰航空公的疯狂商务舱特价优惠,好像没被收到关注。从今天到3月31号,组队到日本,韩国,澳洲。组成6人团队,最低以845 新币到韩国度假。有兴趣的小伙伴可以通知我哦。再帮你们安排!!!

Emotional : End of A380 , Emirates switches to other aircrafts

End of an Era

After much speculation and buzz among aviation enthusiasts and rumours within the Airbus community, Airbus has confirmed that it will deliver its last A380s to Emirates by 2021.

Emirates and Airbus have reached an agreement in which Emirates will reduce the demand for A380s from 162 to 123; Emirates would instead order more of the A330-900 Neo & A350-900 models. The deal for the 70 new aircrafts is estimated to be worth 21.4 billion dollars.

Emirates was the last lifesaver for the A380 programme during a time when most international airlines were investing in other aircrafts. With the support plugged from Emirates, the announcement for the end of the super-jumbo aircraft programme comes as no surprise.

Within the Airbus company, I think there is a mixture of both sadness and relief. Building one of these aircrafts, from the design to its engineering, is a colossal feat; reaching the decision to stop its production is a mournful moment for aviation enthusiasts everywhere. On the other hand, there is also relief that comes from ending the quest for more airlines to support the programme as well as the huge costs of producing these jumbos.

Ample space like no other

A380 offers space unlike any other. When it was first launched in 2007, airlines were blown by the vast room it provides and what they could do with it. Airlines were able to provide Suites, a higher tier than the conventional First Class offerings. It also allowed Emirates to provide showers and a bar on board, heightening the experience they can offer to its guests.

I am personally saddened by the end of these superjumbo jets, given the experience I enjoyed travelling onboard such a majestic aircraft. As much as I will continue enjoying different airlines that offer an experience to remember, none holds a candle against the sheer size of the A380 that provide comfort and versatility. It is truly unfortunate that we are to see the end of the A380s in this lifetime. It was truly an aircraft ahead of its time

AMAN unveils 3rd property in Japan!

3rd Property in Japan

Luxury hotel group Aman sets to unveil their 3rd property Aman Kyoto in Japan. Nestled in the verdant foothills of the symbolic mountain of Hidari Daimonji, Aman Kyoto is a place of untold beauty, where small jizo statues sit contented among the yamamomiji maples. The resort perfectly tempers privacy, relaxation, and rejuvenation with the vibrancy of Japan’s ancient imperial capital, home to 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites. Aman Kyoto is an architectural masterclass in eschewing the obvious while embracing the subtle – a picture frame of a location that is as peaceful as it is otherworldly.


Ryokan Inn, perfect simplicity

Aman Kyoto’s latticed pavilions are a contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese ryokan inn – known for their strikingly minimalist geometry, each serving as a window that sprawls into their spectacular natural surroundings. The interiors are spacious and brightly lit, ingeniously crafted to foster peace, relaxation, and contemplation at every turn. The intricacy of the pavilions and their considered placement within the garden respects the simplicity and appropriateness of traditional Japanese architecture while allowing these contemporary buildings to exist and breathe with the landscape.


Japan authentic onsen experience

The fresh spring water that flows near Aman Kyoto is central to the philosophy at the resort’s Aman Spa. Traditional onsen bathing facilities deliver relaxation and healing in their purest forms while dovetailing with a range of treatments that tap into Japan’s plentiful natural apothecary including Kyoto’s popular green tea, Tanba Kuromame black beans, local sake, cold-pressed Camellia oil, and Kyoto silk cocoon.


AMAN experience

I am thrilled to be experiencing this new Aman property for myself when I travel to Japan next year for the 2020 Olympics. I have unfortunately only been to one out of the many Aman properties so far, however, my Amanoi experience transcended beyond expectations. Aman Kyoto is a combination of the brand’s philosophy and Japanese hospitality with a touch of Kyoto serenity. Its signature restaurant in the Dining Pavilion will showcase Japanese haute cuisine, with multi-course dining experiences that make use of the local produce. Home-cooked Kyoto obanzai-style cuisine will be served throughout the day, and guests can also enjoy afternoon tea and reserve bamboo picnic hampers to be enjoyed al-fresco in the garden or forest glades. The garden itself is ideal for outdoor events, from small private dinners and function to weddings, yoga and mindfulness sessions. I look forward to experiencing more of what Aman has to offer, as well as becoming an Aman Junkie. Would you be experiencing any Aman properties soon?

Mileslife RWS retail spend promotion

Resort World Sentosa

Mileslife is a lifestyle payment application that allows you to earn frequent flyer miles when you shop and dine. Since December 2018, Mileslife has partnered with Luxury Fashion Galleria Resorts World Sentosa to bring you more miles when you shop for your luxury items.

Luxury Fashion Galleria Resorts World Sentosa includes brand such as Tiffany & Co, Tumi, Rolex, Versace, Bvlgari, Omega, Salvatore Ferragamo. A wide variety of luxury brands & goods are also available besides the mentioned brands. It’s like a paradise if you like luxury items.

Awesome Promotion

Mileslife is running an awesome campaign that rewards you up to 3000 miles for your purchases at Resort World Sentosa. You will get 1000 miles for every single transaction with a minimum purchase of 29sgd. In order to get the full 3000 miles, you will need to purchase 3 items using 3 different transactions. Note: I have contacted the Mileslife team, you are not allowed to split a single item transaction into 3 different transactions. So please take note of it.

As a mileschaser, I want to collect the most miles with the least amount of money spent. I shopped around and decided on Victoria Secret. What is awesome is that mileslife promotion can be used in conjunction with other promotion. I picked a makeup bag for the wife that is worth SGD 99 but after having a crazy sales discount of 60%, it amounted to only SGD 44.5. She was delighted by the present I gave her.

Bottom Line

This is quite a good promotion and a great boost for miles. The lowest spending needed is only sgd90 for 3000 miles, which is a great value for the items you purchase.  If you have any items on the luxury wishlist, this could be a time where you make use of this promotion and get those items. If you are new to mileslife, be sure to use my promo code: JOEL3112. You will get 1000 miles with a qualifying spend of SGD49 on your first transaction. Be sure to live the mileslife.

Garuda Indonesia brings live music on board !


Indonesian national flag carrier Garuda is bringing music to the skies with a series of live acoustic concerts on domestic flights, the airline said.

Passengers will be serenaded at 35,000 feet in a scheme aimed at wooing millennials “who want a different flight experience”, airline spokesman M. Ikhsan Rosan told AFP.

The carrier held its first in-flight concert on Wednesday (Jan 9), when two musicians performed for a captive audience aboard a flight between the capital, Jakarta, and the holiday island of Bali.

Garuda said sets would last 10 to 15 minutes on select flights, and there would be a focus on promoting upcoming talent.

Musicians performing aboard a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta to Bali, a new entertainment service introduced by the airline.




While it may prove an unforgettable flying experience for some, it may not be everyone’s idea of a good time.

In 2017, US airline Southwest introduced live shows on some flights to a mixed reaction from passengers.

Some travellers said they preferred minimum human interaction while flying and said music would distract them from sleeping or reading.

Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets, but it has come under fresh scrutiny since a fatal Lion Air crash in October last year that killed all 189 people on board.

Garuda said it had embarked on extensive consultation to ensure the concerts posed no threat to safety or security.

“If there is the potential of turbulence, the singer will be directed back to sit in his chair,” Rosan said.


I think it is an interesting way for local music to reach travellers. Manage the time well for the performance and when to perform is key to adding value to this service.

Garuda should have this service for the short international route in the future. This adds some excitement to foreign travellers who are about to visit Indonesia.


New to the family !!!

Introduction and upcoming trip reviews

Hello Everyone,

I am Joel. This is my very first post after joining this family. Hopefully, I can keep this community alive and going. I would love to share more about my personal experiences, trip journeys and some insider tips.

I am glad that Troy gave me the chance to be a guest writer on this amazing platform. I will do my best to contribute and I gladly welcome anyone to participate in a conversation with me. I am from the tiny country of Singapore with the renowned Changi Airport. I just got married this year to the woman of my dreams.


Just a silly photo of me staring into blank space on the A350 Business Class

I will be sharing my experience on my upcoming trip to Brisbane in Emirates business and Qantas economy. It will be my first time on Emirates new business class on the 777. Looking forward to sharing this upcoming experience with you guys. Readers who read in Chinese, please let me know should I blog in Chinese as well? Look forward to your comments

Singapore Airlines launches pre-order service for premium customers

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched a new service enabling customers travelling in Suites, First Class and Business Class from anywhere in the Airline’s global network to pre-order main courses from their flight’s menus. Becoming the world’s first airline to roll out this bespoke service on all flights across its network with the possibility of extending it to premium economy passengers in the future.


Lamb loin, a dish available for pre-order through SIA’s new meal pre-ordering service. (Photo: SIA)


The rollout comes after a soft launch in August for flights to and from North Asia, which SIA said was “well received”.

Customers travelling in Suites, First Class and Business Class on any SIA flight can choose their meals from three weeks before travel, up to 24 hours before flight departure. The new service complements the existing Book the Cook programme, which enables customers in Suites, First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy Class on selected flights to pre-order main courses from a separate menu of up to 68 choices.


Shi Quan Wan Mei, a dish available for pre-order through SIA’s new meal pre-ordering service. (Photo: SIA)


Mr Yeoh Phee Teik, Singapore Airlines’ senior vice-president for customer experience said that “The introduction of this new service is another of our industry firsts, and demonstrates our commitment to the constant enhancement of our product and service offerings, and our increased focus on personalisation for customers, both on the ground and in the air.”

This has to be seen as an extension of the book the cook service which has been available to premium clients around their selected network. Hopefully, it means I can skip some of the Indonesian dishes served from the Jakarta route. Will review the service once it’s available and let you know my further thoughts about it.

Goodbye 2018 !!! Guest Writers onboard

Dear readers,

I would like to engage you as much as possible. However, due to the rapid expansion of my core business across different countries, my time to commit as a regular blogger has become a thing of a past.

During my course of travelling, I have gained many meaningful insights of the world and many friends alike who enjoy maximizing their travel dollar. I would like to hence introduce a few guest writers who have volunteered to share their time and experience travelling around the world.

First up, I would like to introduce a new travel geek on the block. His name is Joel, his relatively new being a geek but has done a few trips this year. He is learning the ropes of creating meaningful and insightful travel content and travel tips so that people can have more options available to them. He’s eagerly pushing for his small island nation to adopt a more miles friendly environment. His current motto is “ don’t spend a dime unless I get some miles in return” from the famous loyalty and advertorial movie, up in the air.

With these guest writers maintaining and updating latest information, I hope that my loyal readers would be engaged. I would try to join in and give the perspective. The guest writers would be coming in with their reviews and takeaways. So do welcome them with a round of applause !!! Goodbye 2018.

Troy Liu



天下无不散筵席,虽然有着千万的不舍,我还是要告别 boarding area 的舞台。本人因为忙于发展业务, 会和广大的读者少了时间交流。


俊荣来自新加坡,他会尽力的用双语与大家交流。若有表达不好的地方,请大家多多包涵。他旅行的意义是由电影” Up in the air” 启发的,这使他迷上了追求旅程的道路。他会与大家分享旅行经历和一些小秘决。