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Qantas is now officially on Mileslife !!!

Mileslife officially welcomes its 17th airlines’ partner Qantas, the official airlines of Australia and also a Oneworld Alliance Network member. It would be the 4th Oneworld Alliance member (alongside British Airways, Iberia Airways, and Qatar Airways) to join Mileslife, allowing more Oneworld Alliance users to benefit from earning miles faster and living life better.

Following the partnership, Mileslife offers first-time app users with a Qantas membership to a sweet treat of 2,500 bonus Qantas points on the first eligible transaction of SGD 30. For every SGD 30 transaction after, Mileslife is awarding 150 points, capped at 7,500 points per user. This promotion is valid till 11 April 2019

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I have recently flown with Qantas on my way back from Brisbane, and it’s a very decent flight accompanied by great food. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the flight as well, given that I travelled aboard an A330 installed with the latest economy seats. I will definitely share more about this experience, so stay tuned!


  1. Hello, thanks for the answer.

    Its a promotion in your app

    Open the app, click account, click check-in Bonus, click check- in

  2. What do you my app ?

    I don owe mileslife or anything.

    If this question is for troy , you should direct to him directly

  3. Aren’t you a bit late with this announcement given the promo was valid till April 11

  4. Hello Trowell,

    I had posted this update on 12 march. The same day when the promotion was launched. Are you seeing this a little late? No worries wait for the next promotion instead

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