IHG 2014年 Q1大赢家活动



Holiday Inn Express Winter Offer. Rooms from only £35 including Breakfast!


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16 thoughts on “IHG 2014年 Q1大赢家活动”

  1. Mine is pretty doable for 174k pts.

    Total of 4 nights: 12k
    Two different brands: 24k
    Book 1 stay with Best Flexible Rate: 3k
    Two Saturday nights: 12k
    Two seperate stays booked through ihg app: 12k
    Stay at two HI: 12k
    Saty at two HIX: 12k

    Final Bonus: 87k

    I searched in my area (within 30 minutes drive) and luckily found two HI and two HIX. Four nights at these four hotels will make it.

  2. 链接给的还是2013年Q4的Big win吧。
    2013 Q4: win.ihg.com (Code:1329)
    2014 Q1: bigwin.ihg.com (Code:8279)

  3. 10 nights 10.4k
    4 brands 19.2k
    1 stay using flexible with breakfast 2k
    survey 100
    2 saturday nights 4.8k
    4 stays book from mobile app 6.4k
    2 HI 4.8k
    big win 48k, total 95.7k

    比 zhuo 的 2 晚 HI 2 晚 HIX 就有 174k 的差好多。。。

  4. Stay a total of 8 nights and earn 9,600 points
    Stay at 4 different IHG brands and earn 19,200 points
    Book 1 stays through the Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast and earn 2,000 points.
    Complete a simple survey and earn 100 points
    Stay 2 Saturday nights and earn 4,800 points
    Book 4 separate stays through our IHG® app and earn 6,400 points.
    (bug) earn 6.000 points
    Complete 7 of your offers and earn 48,000 points

    not a good deal…

  5. views.dashboard.offer.r.title 是住不同地區/國家的飯店 , 下面有個 List of eligible hotels View All 可以點擊

  6. Mine is about 70K points for 4 nights in total. I think I will go for it.

    Is IC ambassador worth for $200 or 32k points? I am thinking I will use the points to stay in the IC hotels.

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