US AIRWAYS 即日起将不可以兑换汉莎头等舱


Beginning January 1, 2013, award redemption in Lufthansa first class cabin is unavailable”


Author: Troy

Troy Liu is the founder and CEO of Mileslife, an innovative mileage earning mobile app to connect local life and travel. As a renowned loyalty program expert, he was a consultant for many international hotel chains and airlines. Travelled to over 100 countries by earning and burning miles and points in the past 16 years, he also cast light on these by his million-word blog right here on Boardingarea since 2007.

12 thoughts on “US AIRWAYS 即日起将不可以兑换汉莎头等舱”

  1. Lucky 說 “which scares me”。 感覺上好像US要對兌換表格下手了, and “there’s only one direction award prices are headed.”

    屯了一堆的US。真希望不要貶值啊。或者能堅持到和AA合併了 1:1兌換AA里程就更好了哈哈

  2. @Daniel, US 涨价很正常,因为3年没有涨过了,这在任何国家的常客计划都是不正常的

  3. @Troy,US涨价会提前通知,给我们一段时间按老的里程计划兑换机票吗?

  4. 請問各位CEO , 聽說US換票,第一個停留,做為計算里程數,如香港到曼古,停台灣算北亞。停新加坡算南亞。對嗎。thanks!

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