December 16, 2017

Last day for Uber and SPG partnership

After two years of Uber’s partnership with SPG , the relationship is finally over. I had this feeling long ago when SPG stopped posting about Uber rides. That was a sign that they were undergoing contract renegotiation and now we all know the result.

Uber is facing many competitors nowadays from didi in China, Grab in SEA, to Lyft in US. As a mass market product, they have to face a “war” everywhere. At the same time, in order to do “localization”, they have to fund different incentives at different locations in addition to SPG points which is very expensive. It is good for consumers to enjoy multiple dips, but how long can that last? In the end, it is a very good example that a single platform cannot run discount and attractive loyalty program at the same time because those are two types of consumers and it costs too much. I am happy with what is left for Uber Singapore where I get $10 off every 10th ride which is a simple and straight forward saver program. However, if they discontinue that, I will need to find someone else who can solve my basic need of “getting a car“.

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October 17, 2017

Earn free 200 Emirates Skywards miles+3X on all spending with Mileslife

Mileslife have just released another new partnership with Emirates Skywards. From now onwards, Emirates Skywards members can earn miles directly on the Mileslife App via their daily spending and travel. Users can earn up to 7 miles for every 1 USD on top of their credit card miles/points, 3X means up to 21 miles.

What’s even more interesting is that Elite members of Emirates can earn extra bonus miles whenever they use Mileslife, all miles will be credited into your EK account the following day automatically.

25% for Silver

50% for Gold

75% for Platinum

Yeah! For all those years, I always feel disconnected between flying and earning miles on the ground. Whatever we enjoy in the sky will come to an end but with Mileslife, we are able to extend the enjoyment to the ground.

During the launch, anyone who links their EK card to Mileslife will earn 200 bonus miles+3X miles on all purchases from Oct 17 through Nov 30.

Emirates Skywards is one of the hardest program to accumulate miles but that will no longer be the case for people residing in China and Singapore at least.

I want to say thank you for all the effort involved on both Emirates Skywards and Mileslife team to make the partnership live on time!

Please note: English version and Chinese version have different merchants and payment methods. To switch versions, click “Account”->”Setting”.

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October 10, 2017

Swim with whales in Tonga and tour Oceania in business class for 60000 United Miles, book before Nov 1st

Once in a while, airlines change their redemption chart. Some hidden gems are gone but some new ones are being added. On Nov 1st, United Airlines will use a new chart. The best part of the new chart is that it includes a short haul redemption for 8000 miles but the best hidden gem for people living in Asia is gone.

From North Asia/South Asia-Oceania/South Pacific, it is only 30,000 one way via business class and 60,000 with one stopover if routed correctly. There are free stopovers and I always wanted to take advantage of it. I tried to book a flight to Tonga to swim with whales last year but swim slot was fully booked, this year, I am able to secure one, and at the same time,  the last chance to enjoy this redemption.

The interesting part here is, if booked on to TBU, free exclusionist award will not apply and it is extra 10K to add the TBU segment in there (I have no time to book through the phone). Thus, I decided to break it into two bookings to tour the remaining part of NZ again.

1. United Miles – 60,000


By the way, you can redeem SQ flight with again!

2. Singapore KrisFlyer Miles – 25000 in Economy


For many years, United Miles always come up with some interesting redemption here and there, particularly in Asia, from 30K business within Asia to 11 segments on one way redemption to South Pacific from Asia. Even if it is gone this time, I won’t call it devaluation anymore because there is always a better way to use them.

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October 5, 2017

Airline Programs in China, it pays me to fly

We rarely talk about programs in China, primarily due to their English sites not working well and there is not much channels outside of China to earn miles from. Furthermore, redemption of miles is almost as troublesome as redeeming Korean Airline miles in the beginning.

We all have different reasons to earn miles but eventually, it all comes down to one goal—redeeming for something. Most people want free flights, some want free hotel stays amongst other things. We all like EK, EY and SQ first class to travel, but to most people, free flights and non-stop flights are more important than other factors, .so hub airlines make big difference

For example, Air China dominates the non-stop route from Beijing to many places and we can use ANA, SQ, UA and all other *A program to redeem CA flights but CA has low season redemption chart for many places. That will put only 12500 to Japan, and even 9000 from China-India in business class round trip! Yes, you read that right. It is only 9000!!! I always ignore the difference between KM and MILE, it is just a unit. Whose miles is of a higher value in this case now? (That is also one reason why Mileslife was built without unit difference)

Next, we have China eastern and I have to say, if you are a frequent flyer based in Shanghai, this is the program that pays you to fly!

  1.  They have packages for international tickets. 5 pairs of China-Singapore business class tickets only cost 7000 RMB each, taxes included! It is booked in C class, allows for free change of flight schedule and you can earn 200% miles.
  2. You earn SPG points based on the flying distance and not by the amount of money paid. I am not sure how much longer this can sustain, but as of now, it is 4:1 ratio plus double dip based on flying distance. (A RT PVG-SIN earn nearly 20000 km+4500 SPG points)
  3. Running discounts on redemption everywhere, all year round! Yes, again it is priced in KM, but does it really matter since business class to US is only 50,000km OW non-stop after discount?
  4. Platinum gets free unlimited domestic upgrades and 4 international upgrades worldwide with no fare restriction. It is not like US where everyone is 1K, EP or Diamond. Upgrading your membership tier is getting harder and there are only a handful of Platinum in China so the clearance is almost 100%. As for international, there is no such thing as a waitlist. As long as there are seats for sale, we will be able to get it.
  5. 100% awarded with seat without a premium as platinum member and free cancellation. Again, it goes back to getting a seat and yes, you can pick up your phone and redeem at any MU operated flight.
  6. They all give you 3 free hotel nights as platinum member too.

It really pays me to fly, at least for now. Anyone else wants to give it a try?

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September 29, 2017

I am bringing my blog back

Writing a miles and points blog has played an important role in my life for the past 16 years, I started writing here and there in 2004 and decided to start my own blog in 2007. After moving back to China in 2009, I realized that no one was writing about miles and points in Chinese. I was the sole Chinese writer in this field for 6 years until “the great firewall” became stronger and made BoardingArea harder to access. Well, it actually made everything harder to access. Then, I had to move my writing to Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and Wechat instead until I stopped all communication channels including telecommunication for six months before Mileslife was started. Ever since then, I barely had the time to write again until now.

For all those years, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world and staying in hotels with miles and points. I loved imparting my knowledge and educating people about miles whether is it entry or advanced level, beating the system within the fare rules and writing redemption manuals of almost every frequent flyer programme out there. Collecting miles and points is the only hobby I had since college and changed the way I viewed the world.

I really missed writing so I finally decided to write again. This time, in world-famous Chinglish, on the same blog with a fresh perspective and a miles related product — Mileslife. I am sure that it will be interesting to see a weave of three different angles — consumer, industrial and running a consumer based industrial product.

I did 10 years of “importing content to China”, now it is time for me to do another 10 years of “exporting product to the world”. Of course, I will also continue to share interesting stories on the road if I ever have the time to travel like I once did.

Peak of Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano.


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February 13, 2016

Mileslife-We Get You There Faster



1 写文章这么多年了,但所有的一个问题“我不坐飞机怎么攒里程?” 我始终给不出答案, 我写了无数篇文章,但从来没有根本的解决问题。

2 我在美国想吃顿好吃的,美国的点评和团购网我一打开就关了,太多的选择等于没有。

3 我在土耳其卡帕多西亚订酒店,居然用了一下午才挑出一家酒店,因为都好像特别不错。

4 朋友们全国约吃饭,每次都要去叫朋友找地方。

5 现在除了吃喝睡,还有玩呢?我们已不局限于简单睡睡酒店,怎么玩的与众不同,好玩又有效率又不贵,你们问我上海去哪,我就告诉你东方明猪

原来,这个世界就没有这样一个产品, 既解决了里程累计,同时解决吃喝玩乐选择纠结症的问题,在国内就更有纠结症了,餐饮业旅游业满地各种创业产品,用哪个不用哪个,我都选不出来,这就是最后迈生活的由来。 而同时,速度是很重要的一个环节,这个产品会是市面上里程到账速度最快的产品,最多经过消费后的3天,里程就直接进你的账户(或者你输入的任何一个人的账户)







除了吃饭,还有精品酒店,民宿, SPA, 玩乐,电商等也可以累计航空里程了想想有一天,生活和旅行,都能累计里程,那是一种什么感觉? 安卓苹果下载请猛戳


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July 21, 2014





2. 万豪礼赏




4. 凯悦“金护照”


5. 希尔顿荣誉客会


6. 雅高乐雅会

大多数雅高酒店提供免费上网。如果您入住的酒店不提供免费上网,可通过雅高的常客计划Le Club Accorhotels(乐雅会)享受免费上网,购买A Plus卡可以直接获得银卡会籍

7. 卡尔森俱乐部


8. 香格里拉金环会


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July 16, 2014








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July 16, 2014


终身的高级会员,就是为了让那些为了生活拿“绳命” 拼的人们早日脱离苦海用的。人生总有点追求,别管是什么,所以一个终身高级会员的级别也算是完成一个“小小的人生目标”吧。有哪些航空酒店集团提供这样的终身会员呢?















100万英里里程 → 终身金卡

200万英里里程 → 终身白金卡

300万英里里程 → 终身Premier 1K

400万英里里程 → 终身环球服务



100万英里里程 → 终身银卡

200万英里里程 → 终身金卡

400万英里里程 → 终身白金卡




100万英里里程 → 终身金卡+额外35000奖励里程

200万英里里程 → 终身白金卡+四次单程全系统升舱服务



英航的金卡tier points要求是1,500,达到35,000 tier points就能获得终身金卡。一句话,飞死你!



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July 7, 2014

毫无节操的US Airways 里程买一送一又来了2014年7月31日截止

毫无节操的US Airway又来卖里程了!加入寰宇一家之后已经是第三次卖了

请猛戳这里参与 →  里程买一送一促销


• 买 10,000 – 19,000 miles,获赠 50%

• 买 20,000 – 29,000 miles,获赠 75%

• 买 30,000 – 50,000 miles,获赠 100%

关于US  Airways的使用可以猛戳这里读



中欧仍然是8万里程往返,而且可以兑换例如国泰,卡塔尔航空等高端硬件航班, 不过听说要涨价了,所以买了赶紧换呀!



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