AMAN unveils 3rd property in Japan!

3rd Property in Japan

Luxury hotel group Aman sets to unveil their 3rd property Aman Kyoto in Japan. Nestled in the verdant foothills of the symbolic mountain of Hidari Daimonji, Aman Kyoto is a place of untold beauty, where small jizo statues sit contented among the yamamomiji maples. The resort perfectly tempers privacy, relaxation, and rejuvenation with the vibrancy of Japan’s ancient imperial capital, home to 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites. Aman Kyoto is an architectural masterclass in eschewing the obvious while embracing the subtle – a picture frame of a location that is as peaceful as it is otherworldly.


Ryokan Inn, perfect simplicity

Aman Kyoto’s latticed pavilions are a contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese ryokan inn – known for their strikingly minimalist geometry, each serving as a window that sprawls into their spectacular natural surroundings. The interiors are spacious and brightly lit, ingeniously crafted to foster peace, relaxation, and contemplation at every turn. The intricacy of the pavilions and their considered placement within the garden respects the simplicity and appropriateness of traditional Japanese architecture while allowing these contemporary buildings to exist and breathe with the landscape.


Japan authentic onsen experience

The fresh spring water that flows near Aman Kyoto is central to the philosophy at the resort’s Aman Spa. Traditional onsen bathing facilities deliver relaxation and healing in their purest forms while dovetailing with a range of treatments that tap into Japan’s plentiful natural apothecary including Kyoto’s popular green tea, Tanba Kuromame black beans, local sake, cold-pressed Camellia oil, and Kyoto silk cocoon.


AMAN experience

I am thrilled to be experiencing this new Aman property for myself when I travel to Japan next year for the 2020 Olympics. I have unfortunately only been to one out of the many Aman properties so far, however, my Amanoi experience transcended beyond expectations. Aman Kyoto is a combination of the brand’s philosophy and Japanese hospitality with a touch of Kyoto serenity. Its signature restaurant in the Dining Pavilion will showcase Japanese haute cuisine, with multi-course dining experiences that make use of the local produce. Home-cooked Kyoto obanzai-style cuisine will be served throughout the day, and guests can also enjoy afternoon tea and reserve bamboo picnic hampers to be enjoyed al-fresco in the garden or forest glades. The garden itself is ideal for outdoor events, from small private dinners and function to weddings, yoga and mindfulness sessions. I look forward to experiencing more of what Aman has to offer, as well as becoming an Aman Junkie. Would you be experiencing any Aman properties soon?

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