(Target-目前全公开) 免费Hyatt白金, 快速钻石-dead


微软员工可真是福利多阿,但是好事大家一起分享是否更好呢? 目前此活动适用于所有新老用户,无论你是否是微软的员工。


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 8.07.32 PM新会员注册可以直接获得白金卡,同时获得Fast Track到钻石会员。Fast Track仅需20个stay, 40个nights

老会员若是白金或者钻石,也可以获得Fask Track到钻石会员 (或保级)。Fast Track仅需20个stay, 40个nights

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20 thoughts on “(Target-目前全公开) 免费Hyatt白金, 快速钻石-dead”

  1. 想問白金會員 benefit “Enjoy a preferred room”, 算不算是房間升級?

  2. 每次注册都说:
    Sorry, there’s been an error with your enrollment. See below for details. 
    A Duplicate User Already Exists in our System. A Hyatt Gold Passport Account already exists with the personal information you have provided. Please log in or retrieve your password. If you need further assistance, call us. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance at 1-800-228-3360.


  3. 刘总,请问父母在美国探亲,回国如果从温哥华飞回去的话,可以申请transit visa然后从西雅图陆路进入加拿大坐飞机吗?

  4. 我是真的微软员工啊!!!请问现在有没有真正对微软员工的链接啊!!!

  5. 今天收到hyatt的邮件 白金会员被取消了 Recently you attempted to register for an exclusive Hyatt Gold Passport promotion for Microsoft employees. Unfortunately you’re ineligible to participate in this promotion, including receiving tier status (please see the terms and conditions of this promotion). We do hope you choose Hyatt for your future stays and enjoy the benefits of Hyatt Gold Passport membership.

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