US Airways住酒店或租车额外50%的里程奖励

会员要在6月11日至8月12日之间,注册, 然后将租车或住酒店的里程选在积攒到US airways, 将获得额外50%的奖励。

对于注册了希尔顿第二季度的双倍里程的人来说,如果在6月30日之前,配合这个优惠,选择累计US airways, 每次入住将获得1500里程。

对于需要在北美机场租车的3天以上的朋友,在Avis 租车,并且使用coupon code MUAA044累计到US Airwas都会有3000里程, 配合这个优惠可以每次有4500里程

Author: Troy

Troy Liu is the founder and CEO of Mileslife, an innovative mileage earning mobile app to connect local life and travel. As a renowned loyalty program expert, he was a consultant for many international hotel chains and airlines. Travelled to over 100 countries by earning and burning miles and points in the past 16 years, he also cast light on these by his million-word blog right here on Boardingarea since 2007.

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  1. US没被post上,又注册了一次,发现信息不管怎么填都会告诉你注册成功的,也收不到邮件。。。看来白注册了!

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