Goodbye 2018 !!! Guest Writers onboard

Dear readers,

I would like to engage you as much as possible. However, due to the rapid expansion of my core business across different countries, my time to commit as a regular blogger has become a thing of a past.

During my course of travelling, I have gained many meaningful insights of the world and many friends alike who enjoy maximizing their travel dollar. I would like to hence introduce a few guest writers who have volunteered to share their time and experience travelling around the world.

First up, I would like to introduce a new travel geek on the block. His name is Joel, his relatively new being a geek but has done a few trips this year. He is learning the ropes of creating meaningful and insightful travel content and travel tips so that people can have more options available to them. He’s eagerly pushing for his small island nation to adopt a more miles friendly environment. His current motto is “ don’t spend a dime unless I get some miles in return” from the famous loyalty and advertorial movie, up in the air.

With these guest writers maintaining and updating latest information, I hope that my loyal readers would be engaged. I would try to join in and give the perspective. The guest writers would be coming in with their reviews and takeaways. So do welcome them with a round of applause !!! Goodbye 2018.

Troy Liu



天下无不散筵席,虽然有着千万的不舍,我还是要告别 boarding area 的舞台。本人因为忙于发展业务, 会和广大的读者少了时间交流。


俊荣来自新加坡,他会尽力的用双语与大家交流。若有表达不好的地方,请大家多多包涵。他旅行的意义是由电影” Up in the air” 启发的,这使他迷上了追求旅程的道路。他会与大家分享旅行经历和一些小秘决。




Author: Troy

Troy Liu is the founder and CEO of Mileslife, an innovative mileage earning mobile app to connect local life and travel. As a renowned loyalty program expert, he was a consultant for many international hotel chains and airlines. Travelled to over 100 countries by earning and burning miles and points in the past 16 years, he also cast light on these by his million-word blog right here on Boardingarea since 2007.

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