February 12, 2018

A new city on Mileslife: Hong Kong-500 bonus miles for try out

Mileslife has now officially soft launched in a new city – Hong Kong, Mileslife users can enjoy earning miles from everyday spending such as dining, hotels and activities booking in 10 cities now.

Mileslife brings more earning options to Hong Kong users  other than Asiamiles such as British Airways, Emirates Skywards and United Airlines. I think most people would know that 4500 BA miles can get you to many places from Hong Kong already.

Users can earn 1 mile for every 2 HKD or 1 mile for every 4 HKD through Mileslife and we currently have several restaurants, hotels and activities such as Fang Fang, Fofo, and La Paloma.

The “Sin-Tok-Ho” Set Lunch Menu at Fang Fang (4 HKD = 1 Mile)


La Paloma (4 HKD = 1 Mile)

As part of the soft launch, users can earn 500 bonus miles whenever they dine at a Hong Kong restaurant. Simply the the promo code “MLHK” to enjoy this promotion. Users can also expect more merchants, restaurants and retails, to be added into Hong Kong city on Mileslife in the near future.

Thanks for the support of Mileslife and we hope to bring more earning options to more places.

Posted by Troy under Mileslife | 4 Comments to Read

  1. Alan said,

    do you know what happens to spg crossover with MU after Aug 1?

  2. Troy said,

    It is still here

  3. Patrick Man said,

    This is an awesome app to earn miles!
    I used the promote code EXTRA1000 last evening with spending more than 299 dollars and I got 1000 extra miles!!

  4. Joel Tan said,

    Yeap Patrick I agree with you! Been double dipping using mileslife for over a year now. Do share with us your mileslife journey !

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