December 16, 2017

Last day for Uber and SPG partnership

After two years of Uber’s partnership with SPG , the relationship is finally over. I had this feeling long ago when SPG stopped posting about Uber rides. That was a sign that they were undergoing contract renegotiation and now we all know the result.

Uber is facing many competitors nowadays from didi in China, Grab in SEA, to Lyft in US. As a mass market product, they have to face a “war” everywhere. At the same time, in order to do “localization”, they have to fund different incentives at different locations in addition to SPG points which is very expensive. It is good for consumers to enjoy multiple dips, but how long can that last? In the end, it is a very good example that a single platform cannot run discount and attractive loyalty program at the same time because those are two types of consumers and it costs too much. I am happy with what is left for Uber Singapore where I get $10 off every 10th ride which is a simple and straight forward saver program. However, if they discontinue that, I will need to find someone else who can solve my basic need of “getting a car“.

Posted by Troy under SPG(喜达屋SPG俱乐部积分计划) | 2 Comments to Read

  1. Miles said,

    You’re one day off, actually:

    “Earning Starpoints® with Uber will officially end on December 17, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. EST.”

  2. Troy said,


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