HHonors Q4 Promotions

希尔顿近日推出第四季入住积分促销。这次促销至针对长期入住的旅客,积分高达4倍! 若你是经常入住一晚的旅客,那抱歉–本期促销与你无关。





这是什么概念呢?我们一起看看。 假设房价是$100美元,以及你是钻卡–那就是这样的

1晚=1000(base)+500(diamond)+500(double dip)+1000(myway) 最高3000积分 (30%) 积分相对美金比例

2晚=4000(double base)+1000(diamond)+1000(double dip)+1000(myway) 最高7000积分 (35%)

3晚=9000(triple base)+1500(diamond)+1500(double dip)+1000(myway) 最高13000积分 (43.3%)

4晚=16000(quadruple base)+2000 (diamond)+2000(double dip)+1000(myway) 最高21000积分 (52.5%)


另外此活动可以配合上每次入住额外1000积分 和入住 4次拿金 。





27 thoughts on “HHonors Q4 Promotions”

  1. 这可怎么办,正好11月底有两次长达四日的business trip,不知道是hyatt还是Hilton。可惜的是10月8日到10月10日在long beach的两晚无法参加promo

  2. 积分换了1月6晚的samui conrad,请问住宿中的其它消费(spa,餐厅,机场接送)能算4倍分不?先谢谢了。

  3. What’s the point of this article? Hhonors points have been DRAMATICALLY devalued. Getting a night at a fairly good place can easily cost you 90000 points now.

  4. @Mac
    It really depends on your perspective. Were you passion to spent HH pts on aspirational properties, yes HH points have been devalued. But were I to spent it on Cat 1-2 hotels, I find true value, of more than 1cent per point. Moreover, Redeeming for properties of such high cat, HH still has more value than SPG. -Evan

  5. @Evan

    米国大地上的cat 1~2基本算是玩笑,有活动是好,但hilton devalued是不争的事实

  6. @evan @andy D,
    Few chains can devalue their points like Hilton and release themselves from the liability they should be responsible for.

    Those promotions are just plain weak given 20000points get your 1/4 night in NYC double tree (not their flagship at all but cost 50000 before). At low end it is still a joke. Beautiful hhonors redemption is rare example. Everyone know hhonors points are cheap, but now it’s just too cheap to be worth your time and effort on it. Would be happy to see posts on points actually usable and programs with more reputation.

  7. @Mac these comments are mean… You can go away if you don’t like it.. But this place is for information brainstorming and the ones who like it. Leave in silence please.

  8. @Mac

    People are tend to be so used to the fact that HHonors has great redemption for aspirational properties. However, now things have changed and it somewhat became more fair. Take SPG for example, high redemptions run up to 90k, W Maldives. Now Conrad Maldives do run at 95k. Is it easier to earn 90k starpoints or 95k HHonors points? Thanks for understanding, we do take a lot of effort to make sure we provide some of the most beneficial info out there.

  9. 刘总您好,我想请问您一个入门级问题,就是我总是分不清double dip和my way,能麻烦您普及一下吗?我找了您之前的文章以及希尔顿官网也没能彻底明白

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