SQ fires pilot who failed alcohol test

A Singapore Airlines airplane is taking off against a cloudy sky. The aircraft is angled upwards, with its landing gear still extended. The airline's logo and name are visible on the fuselage and tail.

Recent drunk pilots

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot who failed an alcohol test in Australia last year before he was to operate a flight has been fired. The incident in Melbourne on Sept 15 had forced the airline to cancel a Melbourne-Wellington (New Zealand) service.

A previous case allegedly involving two pilots of ANA wings, which is a subsidiary of ANA, caused a flight to be delayed significantly last week. The two pilots were scheduled to fly a domestic route from Osaka to Miyazaki. The airline has a ban on pilots drinking within 12 hours of departure. The pilots went to a restaurant together where they consumed alcoholic drinks. One of the pilots failed the breathalyzer test given and found that he was above the legal limit.

Two cases involving Japan Airlines in which has found a drunk pilot and cabin crew on separate occasions. The president subsequently took a temporary pay cut of 20% in an apologetic move.


I applaud Singapore Airlines firm decision on the pilot. There should be no excuse given to pilots who jeopardise other lives. I am proud of this firm decision in which the airlines take. Therefore, Singapore Airlines will consistently be one of my top choices when travelling




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