很多朋友可能都还记得,我以前提到过,美国航空AA的里程兑换一些航班,虽然飞行路线没有违反任何的规定,但是会出现收取2段里程的情况。这个问题最严重的就是包含中国除了上海和北京之外的所有城市,几乎都会被算做2张票的价格(举例:宁波香港澳大利亚,会被收取亚洲2-2区加上一个亚洲2澳洲的里程)。而且大家都无能为力,因为Rate desk 一直都拒绝更改。





Author: Troy

Troy Liu is the founder and CEO of Mileslife, an innovative mileage earning mobile app to connect local life and travel. As a renowned loyalty program expert, he was a consultant for many international hotel chains and airlines. Travelled to over 100 countries by earning and burning miles and points in the past 16 years, he also cast light on these by his million-word blog right here on Boardingarea since 2007.

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