March 17, 2011






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  1. RONG said,


  2. ROBERT said,


  3. Troy said,

    @Robert, 理论上可以

  4. ROBERT said,


  5. Troy said,

    @Robert, 不知道呀,起码一年是肯定的

  6. zhangcha said,

    Hi, Troy:

    Just got matched from Air France as Platinum from my CO. Would you talk about AF? Thank you very much.

    I have been plat with Norhtwest many years, then last year Diamond with Delta. But I hate Delta so much, then switched to CO. Now I am working for 1K (United) for next year.

    I am not familiar with AF, I think I have a few trips intra China, I may take China Southern and Eastern, so I probably can benefit as AF plat?

    I took China Southern before, not bad, the lounge is not bad in GZ (I am from there).

    Thank you very much!

  7. Troy said,

    @zhangcha, you get no benefits for intra Asia flight as Skyteam elite, I will take a little bit about AF later, sorry , too busy

  8. zhangcha said,

    Hi, Troy:

    Thank you very much. Do I get lounge access as skyteam gold, and priority boarding? as I take China Southern or Eastern?

    I did that with China Southern before, but they did not offer upgrade. I believe I get some miles, depending on what fare class is?

    Did they change all?

  9. Troy said,

    @changcha, 没有休息室,有优先登机,这些都是南航。东航你就是个百姓,呵呵呵

  10. leeshimin said,

    刘总有没法航的兑换手册。允许STOP OVE 和OPEN JAR 吗,几个?

  11. Troy said,

    @leeshimin, 法航可以open jaw, 但是我忘了可不可以stopover了,印象中不行。 YQ暴贵的。呵呵

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