March 3, 2011



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  1. zhangcha said,

    Hi, Troy:

    What do you think?

    It is good and bad to me. I like all 5 big hotels in Beijing drop 1 category. Particularly, I like the JW to class 4.

    The bad is JW Shanghai goes up, so does Renaissance Yuyuan in SH. I stayed there a few times, where is next to the Yu Garden, great location.

    Also Courtyard HK goes up too. I like it very much. It has great view of the harbour, but is not located near any tourist attraction, very local, so I can enjoy what local does in HK (I used to stayed at the Renaissance Kowloon New World, I hated it so much, it was too busy, but it no longer a Marriott hotel).

    What other hotels in China are affected?

  2. RONG said,


  3. Troy said,

    @zhangcha, 我现在对这些都无所谓了,什么SPG, Marriott, 升级,降级。浮云。。。。。。哈哈哈哈

  4. Dan said,


  5. zhangcha said,

    @Dan, I agreed with you Marriott should low those in Shanghai too.

    I enjoy staying with them once I am in China.

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