April 14, 2010


这些年来,大家一直谣言来,谣言去,BMI官方自己也说不会变,但是今天有人无意发现了 BMI的网站的漏洞,估计是上次维护的时候不小心留在那里的。而且现在已经被堵住了。这个漏洞就是;

”Thank you for registering for the status match and miles transfer offer, from the Diamond Club frequent flyer programme to the Miles & More frequent flyer programme.

Whilst the membership account transfer process is in progress, your Diamond Club account will be suspended and from 16 May 2010 you will not be able to earn or redeem miles against this account. When the miles transfer and status match is complete, your Diamond Club membership will cease to exist and you will no longer be able to access your old membership information via flybmi.com.

Please ensure you now begin to use your Miles & More membership number against all future flight bookings and for all other miles earning and redemption activities. “


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